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Travel Diary Over 50: What I Wore to Daughter's College Graduation

Updated: Jun 2

Come with me to NYC! In this blog post, I share my "mommy" thoughts about college and take you with me to celebrate with my daughter. So sit back, relax and l hope you enjoy the post.

As a parent, I have witnessed many milestones in my children's journey from babies to adults, things that I will forever remember...things that have made me so very proud. However, I must admit there were certain expectations that I had for my children, expectations that I set forth in my mind, perhaps before they could even walk or talk. While I have always welcomed open communication and self expression with my children, I still had expectations for them.

Both of my daughters had different viewpoints when it came to higher education. My older daughter, a millennial (anyone born between 1981 and 1996) embraced attending college after high school and viewed it as a natural progression in the game of life. My younger daughter, a different story. She of course is a Gen Z baby (the group of people who were born between the late 1990s and the early 2010s). Her viewpoint on attending college after high school was in her own words, "a waste of time and money." She has always been a dedicated student but because of her culture, a culture guided by social media influencers, college drop-outs who became millionaire entrepreneurs etc., her idea of success and what she wanted to do moving forward after high school--was indeed different.

As a counselor, I understand the importance of effective listening skills. So with my youngest daughter, it was very important for me to listen to her perspective. I wanted to understand her world, a world that is much different from my world when I was her age. While I knew what I wanted for her, I was also willing to allow her to express her thoughts.

I already had my own viewpoints as it relates to looking at young people as individuals and not thinking learning and education is a one size fits all situation. However, I also learned a lot from our mother/daughter talks. So my daughter and I agree, college is not for everyone. We also agree spending thousands of dollars for a college education for a person who does not want to go, is as my daughter said, a waste of time and money. Overall, if students can envision a plan for themselves, take the necessary actions to achieve their goals and work hard, they can accomplish whatever they set their minds degree or no college degree.

My youngest daughter made the decision to attend college. Perhaps she did it because she knew it was important to me, perhaps she did it because it was important to her. I'm not sure but she did it and she did it with honors, graduating magna cum laude in her class. Yes, I am a proud mama. I have two amazing daughters with college degrees. My eldest daughter has a master's degree and my youngest daughter, a bachelor's degree.

This wouldn't be a blog post without a little fashion and lifestyle. So, what did I do when I traveled to New York? Of course, the main event was the college graduation which was held in Central Park. I wore this floral print dress, feminine prints with a v-neckline and a long sash-style halter tie that secures behind the neck.

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I heard a lot about the RH Rooftop restaurant in New York so I made it a point to make a reservation (yes, I suggest you make a reservation). The restaurant is described as a,

"glamorous rooftop restaurant offering American fare amid chandeliers, greenery & skyline views."

I ordered salmon and a caesar salad. My daughter ordered salmon and french fries. We also had a bottle of sparkling water. The bill came to over $120! Was the food worth it? The food was okay, not worth the price. Would I go back...absolutely yes! The vibe and music was great.

This is what I wore to the restaurant, a rushed tank dress in bold and vibrant prints just in time for the season. The side ruching brings out your curves. The midi length and scoop neck design make this dress a versatile wardrobe staple.

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I cannot go to New York without going shopping. I read about the opening of the new Mango store and I had to go. The flagship store is located at 711 Fifth Avenue, near the famed Saks Fifth Avenue flagship, as well as tourist attraction Rockefeller Center. Mango produces both medium and top-quality products and a great selection for mature and classy women like us. If you are in New York, check out the store but you can shop online here Mango.

I wore this when shopping in the city. These slim through the hip and thigh with a slight flare just below the knee, bootcut style pants visually helps to balance your proportions and flatter you figure from top to bottom. I complemented the pants with this must-have for vacations or easy days on the go, this halter top makes for easy packing and even easier style! A fixed neck strap makes this top the definition of throw-on-and-go. With a flattering fitted bodice made for warm days, this versatile basic pairs with any of your everyday wardrobe picks. Don't forget to carry a pair of comfortable shoes for walking while in New York!

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Shop This Look

Finding the right travel outfit can be a challenge. The goal is to look pulled together but to do it in a way that allows for comfortability.

I wore this ultra-snuggly jumpsuit. it promises warmth and comfort which is perfect for travel.The lace-up detail at the deep V-neck adds an amped up touch to the cozy fit, letting you lace it up tight for more coverage or keep it loose for a little less.

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I hope you enjoyed my conversation about education and what I did and wore while in New York City. To see, read, and of course, shop future blogs--sign up for blog post alerts. Feel free to send me an email at with your questions, comments, or simply to share what you'd like to see more of from me when it comes to fashion and beauty for fabulous women over 50.

Also, for wellness and fitness tips for women over 50, please be sure to check out my wellness site at

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Thanks for reading!

Check out the entire video below where I share a mini vlog of my trip (outfits, dining, shopping) click here. Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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