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How to Look Expensive & Classy on a Budget: Outfit Ideas for Mature Women from Amazon and SHEIN

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

How to look expensive and classy on a budget. Outfit ideas for mature women. The ultimate goal for classy and mature women is to invest in a capsule wardrobe or a selection of quality clothing and accessories that are classic pieces. The objective is to acquire garments that will last the test of time. However, it is also okay to implement a few fast fashion finds in your wardrobe or pieces that may not last a lifetime but look great in the meantime.

So what exactly is fast fashion? Fast fashion is a term used to describe trending clothing items that are replicated from high-fashion designs and mass-produced at a low cost. They are sold in retail outlets quickly while demand is highest. Let me repeat, it is perfectly fine to purchase fast fashion from time to time. Such trendy and fashionable clothes can be styled in a variety of ways. They can be mixed and matched with more expensive items and you can experiment with color and less traditional styles without breaking the budget. In fact, a recent article stated, it is not those on low incomes who drive this industry (fast fashion). The biggest customer base is people with substantial disposable incomes.

As someone with an eye for mature fashion, I often search retail stores and online sites to share with my audience amazing fashion finds including select clothing pieces from Amazon and super affordable online sites such as SHEIN.

Here are a few tips when purchasing affordable fast fashion items for your wardrobe. First, I know it can be difficult to do especially when shopping online, but try to observe the stitching on the garment. This is a clear giveaway that the item is cheaply made. Also when purchasing online, pay close attention to the item reviews. For me, I only purchase garments with over 4 stars.

So sit back, relax and I hope you enjoy some of my super affordable fashion selections. Click on the links below to learn more about the items. Now, let's go shopping!

My first pick is this baroque leopard print draped neck bodysuit. It is elegant, simply designed and well made. It glides on your body and can compliment any outfit from dressy to casual. What a lovely bodysuit...and yes, super affordable.

You can never have too many pairs of black trousers. It has been cited that on average women own 7 pairs of pants. I especially like to have a variety of black trousers in my closet, in different styles and for different occasions. Black pants are so very versatile. Of course you should invest in well made and tailored pants but you can also include a few more affordable options like this straight leg pants from Amazon.

Next, is this cream tie front jacquard top. The satin top is a great staple item, perfect for work, after decide. It can be worn with a jacket or without...the options are endless.

You can't go wrong with several front tie tops. How about this green knot detail solid top. Perfect addition to your wardrobe. Here I am on the right, I love this top!

When I wore this next top, it was indeed a show stopper. I received so many compliments. Who would have guessed, it was super...super...affordable. The color alone is gorgeous, a lovely shade of purple and pink. To tone it down, I wore it with a simple pair of black trousers.

Here are a few wonderful skirt selections from Amazon...and yes, I own every one of them! They are well made, come in an assortment of great colors and are oh so affordable!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, How to Look Expensive and Classy on a Budget~Outfit Ideas for Mature Women. These affordable clothing options are must haves for your closet. Now to see my list of classic pieces, view 8 Wardrobe Essentials Every Mature Woman Should Have in Her Closet, go here.

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Thanks for reading!

Check out the entire video, How to Look Expensive on a Budget featuring Clothing from Amazon and SHEIN, click here or watch below!

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