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What Does it Mean to Age Gracefully?My Advice To Embrace the Aging Process for Women Over 50 Part 1

What does it mean to age gracefully? My advice to embrace the aging process for women over 50. I know you've heard it expressed over and over but have you actually taken the time to understand what it means to "age gracefully"? If we separate the words in the phrase, we of course understand what aging means. In looking at the formal definition of the word, it is defined as, the process of growing old. Now, when we look at the word gracefully, the formal definition is, in a respectful and dignified way. Okay, so when we put the 2 definitions together aging gracefully is, the process of growing older in a respectful and dignified way.

Now that we have a better understanding of what the term means, how do we embrace the word old when it comes to defining who we are and aging gracefully?

First of all I have never been one to embrace the word "old" when describing myself. Again, I looked at the formal definition of the word and old is defined as, having lived for a long time, no longer young, of a specified age, having existed for a specified period of time, showing the characteristics of age, worn out. No wonder just the mention of the word aging and old causes some people to feel a sense of hopelessness.

In looking at each definition, I am glad to report, as someone who is over 50, I do not feel I fit any of the descriptions and neither should you! Take for instance the example, having lived for a long time, what does that mean and who determined what a long time is? Next definition, no longer young...I am delighted to say, I do not consider myself young (I sincerely appreciate my age) but again who determined the age for being classified as young? Someone who is 30 is no longer young, would we then call them old? Next definition, having existed for a specified period of time...well again what is the specified period of time? The final definition is, showing characteristics of age or worn out. Now this is where I draw the line. No one has the right to say a person is worn out and being worn out has nothing to do with age but more about a person's lifestyle or maybe circumstances beyond one's control. Of course with each passing day, we will no longer look like we did yesterday but that in no way classifies a person as worn out.

So my first word of advice is to stop calling yourself old. Instead refer to yourself as refined, seasoned, mature. Do not embrace the concept that you are a "has been." This is far from the truth. Commit from this day forward to embrace each day with the outlook to live life with purpose and intention.

In summary, here are a few tips to age gracefully coming from me, a woman...beyond the age of 50.

  • Stop calling yourself old!

  • Stand in the mirror (naked if you want), stare at yourself from your head to toe. Next, make a mental note or write in your journal a few realistic things that are within your will to change. For now, these are only cosmetic things (or things you can do for the sake of appearance). These are small steps you can implement in your life so that you make time for you...yes, it is important to practice self care. Perhaps you want to lose a few pounds. Maybe you want to take better care of your skin. It could mean you want to try a new hairstyle. You may even want to pay more attention to your nails, get regular pedicures...whatever it is, come up with a list and implement a self-care plan of action.I like to say, if not now...when?

My final words of advice for now in the aging gracefully process is to love who you see staring back at you...I repeat love who you see staring back at you! Love Yourself!

Thank you for reading what will be a series on how I embrace the aging process. You deserve to be the very best version of yourself from a mind, body and soul perspective.

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