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The perfect jeans for women over 50: Styled 5 Ways. First of all, I had to admit one important factor as it relates to what was in my closet. I had to admit, I did not own casual clothing. I either dressed up (professional and going out attire) or I dressed in athletic wear (clothing to work out).

My desire was to create a casual selection of clothing that still looked stylish and sophisticated but also relaxed and suited for everyday wear. I wanted outfits to wear when shopping or any outing where I did not want to look dressed up--or something I would wear to work out.

The first item on my list of things to purchase for my casual wardrobe was a pair of jeans. By todays fashion standards, jeans are acceptable attire for business casual. Although my intent was not to wear my jeans in a professional setting, the concept of business casual or wearing traditional business-like attire with more relaxed clothing pieces was just the fashion statement I wanted to project.

In my search for jeans, they had to be free of tears (not distressed), no fading or fraying. I also did not want the jeans to be brightly-colored or have any flashy designs. I wanted a pair of classic looking jeans but with style. Of course, the jeans had to be comfortable (no skinny legs).

I searched the internet for the jeans and finally settled on a pair from no other than (drumroll) AMAZON. I placed the order and eagerly awaited their arrival. When they arrived, I couldn't wait to see if they would check all the boxes I decided were important to me--and I am happy to say, they did!

INTRODUCING...the jeans!

Mid-rise, flared wide leg with a slit on the side.

The styling options for these jeans are endless. Below are a few of the tops I wore when styling the jeans. I selected five tops, created five different looks, suitable for five different occasions. The following tops prove that versatility is key and my new jeans can look great dressed up or down.

Body Contour Top

Burberry logo-print cotton T-shirt

Black Sleeveless Turtleneck Top

Black Sleeveless Turtleneck Top

Faux-Double-Breasted Jacket

So here you have it, the perfect jeans for women over 50: Styled 5 ways. To see, read, and of course, shop future blogs--sign up for blog post alerts. Feel free to send me an email at with your questions, comments, or simply to share what you'd like to see more of from me when it comes to fashion and beauty for fabulous women over 50.

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Head over to my YouTube channel and see how I styled and created casual looks from my closet.

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