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Red...Bold...Daring...Add it to Your Wardrobe

Updated: Jul 14

The color...RED! A color that represents warmth...a positive color. Red has been associated with our most physical needs. The color exudes strength and power. It is energizing. It excites the emotions and motivates us to take action. Red also represents leadership qualities, promotes ambition and determination. It is a strong-willed color and can make you feel confident. Red is the color of physical movement and it awakens our physical life force. Finally, red is the color of sexuality and can stimulate deeper and more intimate passions in us, such as love and sex--thus one of the reasons many associate the color with Valentine's Day.


When it comes to fashion, if you want an outfit which empowers, wearing the color red could be a good way to go. Why not stand out among the crowd with a red top, or a red lipstick, which is not only a classic look but a very sensual look as well. If you do not want your main pieces to be red, simply implement sprinkles of red with your accessories...a red scarf...red pumps...oh my, what about a red purse! Imagine...walking into a room wearing a black sophisticated dress, black sleek heels, hair elegantly coiffed, a bold red lip color and carrying a stylish red purse, an elegant statement piece! Ooo...la...la...all heads will be looking at you!

...or maybe you want to spice up your night time wear...yes...red is the color!


...and speaking of a bold red lip...I have been enjoying the color, Hot Mama ...look at it below (click on the image).


...finally, check out my YouTube video where I share a few red pieces from my closet. Thanks Classy Ladies for reading. Wear the color red with a smile on your face! Don't Forget to SUBSCRIBE HERE