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How to Style Pants From Day to Night: Style Tips for Mature Women

How to style pants from day to night. I often stress the importance of what I consider, "shopping my closet." What that means is, being able to look in my closet and coordinate looks without having to purchase new items. Transitional dressing refers to clothes that seamlessly 'transition' you from one look to another, without having to buy a whole new wardrobe.

In this blog post, I will share how to take trousers in various colors, add the right top to transition the look from day to night. There are a few factors that stand out when deciding which top to pair with trousers. Fabric is one consideration. What your clothes are made of will be one of the biggest factors of whether it can work for day or night wear. Daytime fabrics include cotton or perhaps polyester while night time fabrics may include chiffon, silk, satin, crepe or something slinky--something glittery is always a good idea. Also, the style of the top determines daytime vs night time attire.

Here are 4 looks that can be worn from day to night and the good thing is, they were already in my closet! It is oh so important to have basic pieces in your wardrobe so that you are prepared no matter the occasion.

Look 1

Black Super High Waisted Open Pleated Wide Leg Pants

The Day Top:

Easy Cuff Shirt

The Night Top:

Silver Sequin Bodysuit

Look 2

Red Straight Suit Pants

The Day Top:

Pinstripe Shirt

The Night Top:

Detachable Fur Collar Cardigan

Look 3

Brown Flowy Palazzon Pants

The Day Top

The Night Top

Croc Body Contour Bodysuit

So here you have it, pants that when paired with different tops are the perfect transitional pieces for women over 50, styled from day to night. To see, read, and of course, shop future blogs--sign up for blog post alerts. Feel free to send me an email at with your questions, comments, or simply to share what you'd like to see more of from me when it comes to fashion and beauty for fabulous women over 50.

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Head over to my YouTube channel and see the video of how I styled and styled 4 looks, going from day to night time. Thank you for watching!

Click on the video below.


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