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How I Styled Pants & Boots: Added a Different Top & Created 4 New Looks

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

How I styled pants and boots: Added a different top and created 4 new looks! Today, I am going to show you how I restyled clothes I already have and created new, exciting and trendy looks.

The trick to discovering new looks in your closet is learning how to mix and match the clothes you already have. Don't be afraid to experiment with color, prints and designs, accessories such as jewelry, belts, scarves and even hats. Finally, always stay true to who you are as it relates to fashion. Be true to your individual style. Fashion is fun--fashion is you!

For my restyling choices, I started off with a great pair of high waisted black pants. I then added a pair of really cool black boots. You probably already have similar items in your closet. I then searched through my closet and selected 4 different and stylish tops and created 4 new looks. So sit back, relax and I hope you enjoy this blog post.

Outfit Foundation One:

Black Pants

For the looks I wanted to create, the black pants were essential. They also had to be straight leg pants that not only were stretchable but comfortable (but could be tucked into my boots). If you do not have a pair of black straight leg pants in your closet or simply want a new pair, here are a few selections.

Black woven stretch fabric, elastic waistband,

tapered pants

Slim Trouser Comfort Stretch Pant

Outfit Foundation Two:

Black Boot

The next foundation or statement item for my outfits were a pair of black boots. I choose a pair of high heeled tall boots. Now, I must admit, as a mature woman, thin, high heeled shoes are not my preference. However, I still own and occasionally purchase them if the style is right but I have established a rule for wearing them.

  • I only wear them when the estimated walk time is limited--for example--going to dinner or the theater. I do not and I repeat do not wear them if I am expected to do a lot of walking!

If you own a pair of tall black boots--great--but if you want to purchase a new pair, here are a few options you may want to consider.

Long Black Boots

Stylish and versatile tall boot features weatherproof finish and stretch back panel for a flexible fit.

Next was shopping my closet for tops. The goal was to restyle and create 4 new and exciting looks. I have included the tops I used to create my looks. Feel free to shop them.

Vegan Leather Sleeveless Halter Top

Burgundy One-Shoulder Bodysuit

Oversized Cotton Shirt

Linen-Blend Anorak Shirt

Cotton Poplin Button-Up Shirt

So here you have it, how I took a pair of black boots, black stretch pants and created several looks by adding 4 different tops.

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Head over to my YouTube channel and see how I restyled and created looks from my closet.

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Thanks for reading!

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