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How to Pair Clothes | 6 Summer Must Haves to Add to Your Wardrobe | Style Tips for Women Over 50

How to Pair Clothes, 6 Summer Must Haves to Add to Your Wardrobe | Style Tips for Women Over 50. Angela here with more of my favorite and affordable must haves to add to your summer wardrobe. I will also share tips on how to pair your clothes.

The reality is, fashion does not mean purchasing every new trend that hits the runway. It is not one style fits all. However, it is important to understand and focus on your unique personal style. In deciding what is right for you, it is also important to determine if certain trends will represent you as a classy and sophisticated woman. You must also keep in mind, while you are indeed fabulously fashionable...your style of dressing should represents you as an "age appropriate" fabulously fashionable woman over 50.

So what exactly is the pairing of clothes? It is purchasing essential pieces and creating multiple looks with those pieces. For example, an essential white cotton shirt can be paired with skirts, dress trousers, jeans and more. The white shirt serves as the essential or foundational piece in your wardrobe.

When shopping, I like to purchase items that can be used to create multiple looks. I also like to purchase classic and well designed pieces that will help to make my outfits look polished and well thought out.

Here are just a few must have pieces to add to your wardrobe--tops, skirts, pants and dresses that I am loving right now. I will also give an example of how an essential item can be paired to create multiple looks.

This first look is a slim ribbed knit top, an essential item and must have for any wardrobe. The top is intricately made. It can be worn with a skirt, trousers, shorts...you decide.


As mentioned, it is important to pair your clothes. The knit top above can be worn with these linen cropped and tapered pants to create a look.


Another perfect pairing for the ribbed knit top is to wear it with this midi flowy pleated skirt. One top...two looks!


When I spotted this statement dress, I knew it was a must have item to add to any summer wardrobe. This open knit sweater dress is oh so chic and stylish.


...speaking of statement dresses, the next dress is the perfect addition. I love the balloon sleeves, perfect for a summer brunch!


When I spotted the next outfit, I said, "Wow!" This 2 piece set is indeed unique. It looks to be comfortable but well put together. This wrap belted top and pant set is super cute.


In conclusion, these summer pieces are oh so classy and must have items to add to your summer wardrobe.

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