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How To Change Your Look in 15 Minutes | Beauty Tips for Mature Women

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

How to Change your Look in 15 Minutes? Beauty Tips for Mature Women.

As a mature woman over age 50, I have learned to appreciate the importance of self expression...the importance of taking time out to simply have fun and perhaps be open to doing things I never considered doing before. So, why not be open to something that will transform me into another version of me. While I truly enjoy who I am now, I am open to trying something new!

Up to this point, I was not a wig wearer. I truly adore fashion but as it relates to my hair, I definitely have a signature look, a style that works for me. I often admire the hair styling options that younger women wear especially my two daughters who are in their twenties. I am often amazed at the fascinating hairstyles they wear including natural hair looks, wigs, braids, name it.

However, for me, just the thought of applying glue to my hairline, cutting lace and attaching a wig to my head or sewing hair on my head is something I do not want to do as a mature woman. Besides, I can think of so many other things I can be doing with my time...other than sitting in a hair salon (for hours). Please note, this does not apply for those with underlying health concerns. In such cases, I encourage you to do what will make you content.

When a wig company reached out and asked for my advice as it relates to what women over age 40 want in a wig, I was eager to share my thoughts. Not only did the brand ask for my feedback, they also gifted me with a wig! I thought to myself, if I were to wear a wig, what would I want? The answer was easy and while I cannot speak for all women over 40, this is what I believe some women want:

  • No lace, tape or glue

  • Convenience, simple and easy installation

  • Good quality hair

  • Various style options

So how do you change your look in 15 minutes...wear a wig of course! Transform from one look to another. How about a wig in a new color...or perhaps a longer wig or even a shorter wig? Maybe curly or even straight. The choice is up to you.

So back to my experience. I selected a dark brown, 12 inch wig with bangs (something completely different for me). I not only transformed my look but I decided to give myself a new name while wearing the wig. I called myself, "Sophie."

Here I am before wearing the wig with my signature look...parted in the middle and going back...classic and simple.

BUT...this is me with my new wig! Introducing (drumroll)...SOPHIE!

While, I still love my traditional hairstyle with my natural hair, wearing a wig will give me more options if only for one night, one day, one event! So, yes I may experiment with more wig style options...why not! As a mature woman over age 50, I can do whatever I want to do as long as I have fun doing it!

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