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How Do You Really Feel About Valentine's Day...Is it a Day for Romance or a Day for Self Love?

Updated: Jun 29

February...the month that represents love, kissy faces, chocolates, balloons and adoration. For some, it is a month for romantic gestures and for others, it is a month for...self love. Perhaps for some, it is the month for both. No matter how you look at the commercial definition of Valentine's Day, I challenge you to let this month remind you to take time out for self care...self love...you deserve it!

Decide how you will honor yourself this month. Make an effort to do a self analysis. Take time to get in touch with your emotions from a mind, body and soul perspective. Ask yourself, how are you feeling? Are you stressed and if so, why? There are many things in this world that we have absolutely no control of however, we do have control of how we respond to things which cause us to become unbalanced.

Spend quality time with yourself in an effort to sort out your emotions. If you are stressed, devise a plan to address what is going on and come up with solutions to move you to a better place of emotional well being. If you cannot do it alone, seek out a trusted person or even a wellness practitioner, maybe join an online support group such as one on facebook. If you are in a happy place, devise a plan to keep you on that path.

So, why is self love important. It is important because it is you...accepting your emotions for what they are. It is also the act of putting your physical, emotional and mental well-being first. Self love motivates you to make healthy choices in life. It is also a way for you to hold yourself in high esteem and to choose things in life that nurture your well-being.

In my self love video, I share 12 gift ideas from Macy's that you can purchase for yourself as a way of showing...YOU...some love! These are things that will make you feel good, smell good and allow you to pamper yourself...how about a pedicure, a nice bath with beautifully scented soap, a glass of your preferred beverage and total relaxation.