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Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Does working out have to always make you sweat excessively? The reality is, for some, it is important to simply get moving and if a high impact workout is not your goal, that is okay. It is also important to try not to feel intimidated if you are not moving at the same level as others. Try not to compare your workout goals and routines to what others are doing. A high impact workout is not for everyone. Focus on YOU!

If your desire is to start or maintain a low impact exercise program...go for it! Any low impact exercise program that you choose to do should be active enough to increase your heart rate by an age appropriate amount. Humana states, raising the heart rate for at least 20 minutes helps to make your heart stronger. It also helps you burn fat and stay fit.

There are a few low impact things you can do every day to get moving. Implementing small changes can make a big difference.

  • One way is to try walking when you can even if it is inside your home.

  • Try to be intentional about your walking.

  • You can also take the stairs whenever possible.

  • Try riding a stationary bike which will allow you to sit instead of standing for long periods of time while working out.

  • Water exercise is another low impact workout. You will be able to move more easily in water and if you experience pain with other workouts, this may be less painful.

Another way to implement a low impact workout routine in your schedule involves participating in a step aerobics or dance class. This can get your heart rate up. In one of my workout videos, I share a cool, chilled, old school kind of step, walk or dance routine (you choose) that is both beginner friendly and low impact. This fun 15 minute, 2000 steps, at-home workout can be repeated several times during the week to produce the best possible outcomes by promoting healthier behaviors for optimal health.

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So put on something comfortable, grab your water bottle and do this smooth, low impact work out routine with me. Let's get moving together! Click on the video below and don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.


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