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Best Long-Lasting Perfumes | Luxury & Affordable | Mature Women

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Best Long-Lasting Perfumes from Luxury to More Affordable.

Perfume shopping can be fun but it can also be a bit overwhelming. For instance, just recently, I went fragrance shopping and it indeed turned out to be quite an adventure. Initially I knew exactly what I wanted to purchase. My intent was to buy Burberry London. I received a sample and fell in love with the scent.

I walked in the store and as I approached the cosmetic section, sales associates came from the the front of back of me. "Try this" one said as she sprayed the fragrance on a tester strip...and then another sales associate approached me with another strip...and another...and another! Finally, I had sniffed so many strips, I couldn't smell a thing!

Finally, I left the store with a bag full of samples and a new bottle of perfume, one that I wasn't familiar with, one that the sales to buy...oh, by the way, I forgot about Burberry London.

Upon returning home with my new perfume, I immediately gave it a good spritz. I waited for the magic to happen...I waited and waited. I soon discovered, my new perfume purchase and I was not a perfect match made in "perfume heaven." So, the next day, I went back to the store to return the perfume and pick out something else. You will not believe this but the same thing happened. I was bombarded by eager sales associates--all wanting me to try what they was selling. Again, I left the store with an unfamiliar bottle of perfume, believing it was the "it" fragrance to buy. ..and again, I was not impressed. I had to return it.

The day arrived to go back to the store. I must admit, at first I thought about wearing a trench coat, a hat and a pair of dark sunglasses. Perhaps no one would notice or bother me if I slithered in the store, made my purchase and then made a speedy get away but I decided against that. This time I decided to be intentional when shopping for perfume. While in the store, I did not stop for the samples. I was polite but did not entertain the sales associates. Ultimately, I left the store with a wonderful bottle of Yves Saint Laurent Libre Eau de Parfum.

Just remember, perfume shopping is a unique experience based solely on your preference. Another person cannot tell you what will smell good to what is appealing to your sense of smell! For me, I am ignited by zesty citrus notes, patchouli, vanilla, musks and even caramel...yummy! What is your preferred fragrance family? What notes are important to you? What brands? Costs? So, the next time you shop for perfume, be intentional.

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In the video below, I share just a few of my perfume favs including the notes...from luxury to more affordable--all for mature and classy women like us. Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more style, fashion and beauty tips for mature women over 50.

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