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What I Ate In a Day:Meal Planning/Gluen-Free/Vegan/Healthy

Hello again! Nutrition is very important as it relates to mind, body and soul wellness. In this video, I will share what I ate in a Day: Meal Planning~Healthy,Vegan, Gluten-Free Dining. I'll show you what I ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. These meals are healthy, delicious and easy and can be prepared to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Breakfast: (All Organic) strawberries, pineapples, bananas Cocoa Nibs Coconut Milk (unsweetened)

Lunch: Trader Joe's Tortilla Rounds Avocado (1/2) Onions Seasoning of your choice Mash avocado, add chopped onions, seasoning Break tortilla into triangles, add to baking pan, sprinkle a little olive oil with seasoning, bake for about 8 minutes (or until brown)

Dinner: Organic Celery (cut) Organic Onions (cut) Organic Carrots (cut) Small Potato (cut) Organic Brussel Sprouts Add vegetables to baking pan, spray with olive oil, add seasoning and bake or grill until you desire Serve over 1/4 cup brown rice or quinoa

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