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4 Reasons Older Women Should Encourage and Mentor Younger Women (Christian Content)

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

In a perfect world, unhealthy competition between older women and younger women wouldn’t exist. The reality is each group has something valuable to offer the other however older women have the virtue of their experiences both good and unfavorable, which could serve to assist younger woman as they move through the maze of life.

Clearly life does not come with a women’s how-to manual. We cannot turn to page 6 in an instruction book to determine how to deal with everyday situations that serve to confuse us. It should be understood that women need one another and jealousy, cattiness and unwarranted put downs has no place in our shared responsibility to uplift one another.

Furthermore, just as it is important for older women to seek out nurturing relationships with younger women, it is just as important for younger women to look for solace in the guidance of older women. This philosophy in no way is meant to dishonor the male/female relationship. However when it comes to unique experiences that only women understand, the dynamics of these relationships remain important.

Here are 4 reasons why older women and younger women should make it an integral point to offer support to one another.

1. Women understand women

Just think, from puberty to menopause, females are guided by hormonal variants. These are key facts of life that only woman can understand from an emotional and physiological perspective. In the book, "Shepherding a Woman’s Heart" by Beverly Hislop, the author explains this clearly by stating, "who better to relate to the emotional and physical impact of such occurrences as PMS, childbirth, or menopause than a woman." The author added, "Women are different from men anatomically, hormonally, socially, sexually, psychologically and emotionally. Because of these gender specific occurrences, women have the ability to identify with women as they evolve through the various seasons of the life cycle and for this reason, women remain ideal to share feelings, offer words of encouragement and pass on clarification."

2. Positive relationships with women promote good health

Studies have shown that female bonding is not only essential but has a great impact on a woman’s overall health. The interaction between women specifically older women and younger women aids in the decrease of stress and loneliness, play a part in making women content and happy and allow women the opportunity to be understood on a level that is unique only to women. Overall, sharing ourselves with another woman contributes to our emotional well being.

3. Women don’t get along?

Unfortunately certain reality television shows has made it acceptable for women to be seen as mean, conniving and downright hateful toward one another. Such television series have given credence to the myth that women don’t get along. The formula for success on these shows dictate a routine of detestation, jealousy, name calling and absolute disrespect. The concern is, such behavior could instinctively influence the actions of women who view such shows especially younger viewers. Nevertheless, it is up to older women to reassure younger women based on their actions of concern and support that such behavior is unacceptable. Women in general must be reminded that although these shows exist under the guise of reality, many are in fact scripted productions with the intent to perpetuate negative stereotypes. It is up to women to hold fast to the unspoken rule of mutual respect for one another. Women must continue to empower and uplift one another. Women must make efforts to find the good in one another. Older women must be willing to share their experiences with younger women. Women of all ages must remain approachable and eager to learn from one another.

Titus 2:3-5

In Titus 2:3-5, the scriptures read that older women are to live such reverent, self-controlled lives that the younger women's interest is piqued and they will aspire to follow in their footsteps. It is important for younger women to seek role models in older women especially as it relates to dating, marriage, child rearing, career, finances just to name a few. Older women must be careful not to take on the "I've got mine" mentality but be willing to share strategies for successful outcomes. More important, they should understand if the goal is to be influential in the life of a younger woman, she must first find out if the younger woman wants to grow or change. Beverly Hislop stated, "Older women must seek younger women with teachable spirits."

Women need other women who are honest and trustworthy. Women need other women with a sincere heart for understanding and empathy. Women need other women who offer words of support and encouragement...without judgment. In conclusion, it is for these reasons that older women and younger women need each other.

I laugh, I love, I hope, I try, I hurt, I need, I fear, I cry. And I know you do the same things too, So we're really not that different, me and you. - Colin Raye

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