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Take Time Out to Take a Selfie

For many women, there seems to never be enough time in a day. Life can be hectic and many women are sprinting from one task to the next taking on such roles as wife, mother, managing careers, dating, caring for aging parents (the list is endless).

As a busy mother of two wonderful daughters, I am accustomed to watching them pose in the most adorable poses, reach for their cells phones, situate it at the right angle and snap one, two or more than I care to of themselves otherwise known as "selfies."

After snapping the photos, they eagerly post them to their social media pages.

Although everyone was doing it, I must admit, I hadn't jumped on the selfie train but one day I took time out of my very busy day, reached for my cell phone, imitated the positioning actions of my daughters (or at least I tried) and took a few selfies. Now what, I thought? Again, I imitated the actions of my daughters and I posted the photos to my personal Facebook page. Many of my friends liked the photos but one friend in particular offered his opinion on the matter. He questioned my motive almost alluding that taking selfies was reserved for people of a certain age group for which I did not belong. He jokingly called me Angela K (referring to the queen of selfies, Kim Kardashian). He further implied that the taking of selfies was egotistical, an action of a person who is absorbed with oneself or self-centered...WHAT?!...I thought. I must admit upon taking my selfie, Kim K or the act of being egotistical never entered my mind.

The reaction from my friend caused me to think about what it means to take time out and to take a selfie. Contrary to his beliefs, I think it can be quite satisfying. I merely took a few seconds out of my busy day, smiled and snapped a few pics. Besides who said people over the age of 40 should not take pictures of themselves? Actually as a counselor, I find it to be fun. It can even be a stress reliever. Besides, women and men over 40 are vibrant and beautiful inside and out!

The reality is, sometimes we are so busy with our everyday responsibilities and we neglect to take time out to make it about us. Snapping a selfie allows us the opportunity to capture moments of happiness and share it with our friends or share it with no one.

So to my friend who questioned my motive, I say lovingly, "Shut up, relax, and take a selfie!"

It is requisite for the relaxation of the mind that we make use, from time to time, of playful deeds and jokes. -Thomas Aquinas

Thanks for Reading!

Angela Harris

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